Extra virgin olive oil

Grown in portugal

Our History

Imported from Portugal directly from the mill, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Olivertus & Olival bela vista.



Known since ancient times , olive oil was used by the Greeks, Romans and Hebrews for cooking, lighting and for their beauty . Thanks to the expertise of our Cunha family practice this ancestral culture for several generations with passion, keep the traditional method and the preservation of the environment. In my family we grow olives for generations. The olive, the olive tree is delicious products have always been synonymous for me great joy with my grandfather and my parents. Indeed, when I think of olive, images picking up waiting for that golden oil mill parade in my brain. Feelings of my childhood come to my mind. Memories forever etched who gave birth to a passion for the olive.



Joao Carlos Cunha,producer and owner, share with us his culture and his passion for olives and his high quality olive oils by putting the personal production, of his family and friends of his village Luis Madeira of the Azeizezere mill of Ferreira do Zezere in Portugal on the market in Quebec and Canada for the pleasure of sharing its culture and flavors.


Olive oil

This extra virgin olive oil, Olival Bela Vista pure superior unfiltered is obtained from the variety of olives known as Galega-vulgar. This variety of olives and the dominant variety in our region D.O.P. Ribatejo.


How to use

We serve it raw on bread of your preference, in your salads or with a preparation of fish dishes, baked dishes and stews. All the moments are good to taste a pure nectar of the tree of Peace. Keep the bottle always closed in a cool place, away from light.



Air, Heat and Light. Light, heat and air generate oxidation phenomena and accelerate the deterioration of fatty acids, hence the need for an adequate means of conditioning. Keep the bottle always closed in a cool place, away from light.

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The authentic taste of our ancestors

Our extra virgin olive oils Olivertus and Olival BV are obtained from the varieties of Galéga vulgar and Cobrancosa olives. The harvest is done in a traditional way at the maturity of the olive to preserve all its natural physico-chemical elements rich in polyphenols, antioxidants and vitamins.


is an oil produced from olives of the Galéga varieties harvested at the beginning of season, more specifically purple-brown, when they start all just to ripen.

Delicate, balanced flavor with fruit aromas, sweet, hints of dried fruits, and a slight tingling sensation. Acidity rates vary between 0.3 and 0.5 depending on the harvest of the year and the whim of Mother Nature.

Olival Bela Vista

is an oil produced from olives of the varieties Galéga vulgar and Cobrancosa mature with a short harvest-extraction time to have their sweet taste, round in the mouth and a balanced flavor with the aroma of olives wall with a note of dry fruit.

Points of sale

Our products are available at the points of sale below, for any online purchase of two bottles or more home delivery is free in the area.

Les bienfaits des huiles

Les incroyables bienfaits de l’huile d’olive sur votre santé.

Huile d’olive vierge extra

Huile d’olive vierge dont l’acidité oléique est au maximum de 0,8 %. D’autres caractéristiques doivent également être conformes à celles définies pour cette catégorie par la réglementation. À la dégustation, une huile d’olive vierge extra doit être sans défaut.

Fruité Vert

Caractérise des huiles d’olive produites à partir d’olives récoltées en début de saison, c’est- à-dire vertes ou plutôt tournantes (violet-marron, quand elles commencent tout juste à mûrir). Elles sont généralement ardentes et piquantes.